Blow Dry Bar

* Indicates service price may vary based on Stylist Level, as well as length and type of hair, product usage, and service time.

* Curling Iron Style is an extra cost add on service please ask for it.  For more exact pricing based on your needs, please call (970) 223-3000 or book a complimentary consultation with an expert stylist!

All Blowout (Includes Shampoo,Conditioner and Scalp Massage)

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$25+ $30+ $35+ $40+ $50+
New Star$25+
Level 1$30+
Level 2$35+
Level 3$40+
Level 4$45+
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Hair Updo’s

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$50+ $60+ $70+ $80+ $90+
New Star$50+
Level 1$60+
Level 2$70+
Level 3$80+
Level 4$90+
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$40+ $50+ $60+ $70+ $80+
New Star$40+
Level 1$50+
Level 2$60+
Level 3$70+
Level 4$80+
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Gloss + Shampoo

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$55+ $60+ $65+ $70+ $75+
New Star$55+
Level 1$60+
Level 2$65+
Level 3$70+
Level 4$75+
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What is a European Signature Blowout?

We love doing our European signature Blowouts at Enchante A European Salon. Blowout is a service designed to maintain hair in between haircuts and colors. Our signature blowout services at Enchante includes shampooing, conditioner, and scalp massages; Our beauty bar offers add-ons for services including deep-conditioning treatments, color glosses, and Olaplex treatments. Once your hair is clean and conditioned, the fun starts. Enchante A European Salon stylists are experienced and well trained on blowdryer and brush control techniques and all products used during your services. We use european brushes to get the smoothest result. We use Bumble and Bumble, Brazilian Blowout, and Olaplex lines to prep style and hold your style. We use high quality products to protect hair from heat, dryness, and split ends during the blowout service. Our experts goal is to maintain the health, shine, and color of your hair. Looking at hair type, scalp condition, and your desired look, we customize the styling products that best suit you! Every service is tailored specifically to your hair and we make sure each client leaves feeling and looking amazing. We are proud to offer European signature Blowouts at Enchante A European Salon in Fort Collins, CO.

“Can your hair look smooth, shiny, healthy and professional every day?”

What is the advantage of leaving your hair to hair professionals? Is you look important to you? Do you want to show your haircut, colors, and highlights?

  • You will look business casual
  • It will take you 5 mins to get you out of the house
  • You can use the hairstyles for many days, depending on the texture of your hair and weather conditions
  • Your hair will be frizz-free, more shiny, and have a sleek look
  • We are helping with your daily lifestyle to always look your best
  • We can help with any special occasions
  • You will only have to focus on your makeup and outfit
  • Your hair is your best accessory you wear every day, we will make sure you love it
  • Helps show your haircut and color in the best dimensions
  • Your hair is your confidence and self-esteem
At Enchante A European Salon we are proud to do our signature shampoo and blowouts for any hair type; curly, straight, thick, thin, course, or fine.