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For bright outrageous colour effects, and fashionable hair creations, look no further than Enchante A European Salon to provide more options and more customization, to meet all of your hair extension Fort Collins needs.

Here at Enchante a European Salon hair extensions Fort Collins, we strive to provide the best services with the greatest quality of products. Enchante is currently using Babe Extensions hair extensions Fort Collins. Babe has earned quite the reputation for itself and are known to be one of the greatest hair providers out there. Our extensions are made up of 100% remy human hair. The cuticle is still intact with all the internal scales in the same direction, this means longer lasting hair that is more durable. The hair is luxurious and in excellent condition, with an incredible amount of shine. The hair has the ability to maintain a radiant and smooth texture without using synthetic coatings like silicone. Here at Enchanté hair extensions Fort Collins we care about our clients and the integrity of their hair. Babe extensions use no heat, glue or chemicals, which means no mess or damage to the hair. We have a wide range of colors and color selections, and because the hair is of the best quality they can be custom colored. The best part about the Babe extensions is that they are completely re-usable and if well taken care of, they can last a very long time.

Cinderella 100% Human Hair Extensions
Cinderella Hair Extensions Classic Style Fort Collins Salon
100% Human hair extensions Cinderella
Cinderella 100% Human Hair Extensions Fort Collins
Tape-in 100% human hair extensions

Tape In – $250 and up

Tape In extensions are a new and innovative application style for extensions in Fort Collins. Fast, easy and simple, tape in extensions are ideal for clients looking to add length as well as volume to their hair. The application process includes taking a weft of hair with a special kind of double sided medical grade adhesive tape and applying it to your natural hair. Because the tape is double sided, the hair is actually sandwiched between two wefts of hair, creating a complete piece. The tape is virtually undectable, and gives a very natural appearance. The tape in hair extensions are very flexible, making them versatile and also very comfortable to wear. The application process is very simple and takes little time to apply. In just an instant you can have longer, thicker, more luxurious hair. Tape in hair extensions are also a wonderful alternative to coloring your hair, they can create beautiful peek-a-boos, shadows, and pops of color, without the commitment of chemically altering your natural hair.

The tape-in method lasts around 6-8 weeks, or until your hair begins to grow out, in which time you’ll need to come in to have the extensions re-applied

The hair is reusable if well taken care of, and can last up to 5 applications.

The removal process is quite simple, and causes minimal damage to the hair. The tape is broken down with a blend of oils, causing the extension to simply slide right out of the hair, leaving your own hair in optimal condition.

Because the tape is broken down easily by oils, you will have to use special products that are free of parabens, silicones and sulfates. Enchante carries products specially formulated to be used in conjunction with our hair extensions Fort Collins, to ensure they are long lasting, and kept in wonderful condition.

It is also imperative that you use special brushes for the hair extensions, to guarantee they don’t matte up, and while you’re getting ready for a night of beauty sleep it’s recommended that the extensions are braided, or put in a loose ponytail so that your new, gorgeous locks don’t tangle.

Fusion Extensions – $500 and up

Fusion Extensions are refreshing and fun. This tried-and-true technique involves connecting extensions to hair with keratin bonds. (Yes, that same keratin protein that your hair is made of!) Each extension strand comes pre-tipped, with the keratin bond ready to go. Each strand is individually attached to small pieces of your own hair for a 360 degree movement with ultimate styling potential. Fusion extensions are so natural looking! A full head of fusion extensions contains anywhere from 100 to 160 strands. Fusion extensions are incredibly customizable, and are perfect for clients who have highlights and multiple colors in their hair. Fusion extensions create length, and volume instantly. They’re long lasting, and very durable. Application time takes 2 to 3 hours, and the individual hair pieces can be reused up to 3 times when re-bonded. The extensions will last in your hair 2 to 4 months with proper care, this includes coming in and re-attaching pieces that may fall out. It’s natural to lose a few pieces during the 2-4 month time frame.

Maintaining the extensions is very simple, as the hair strands begin to fall out, keep them so they can be re-attached and reused. All of the hair is re-usable if taken care of properly. With fusion extensions you will have to use special products that are free of parabens, silicones and sulfates. Enchante carries products specially formulated to be used in conjunction with our extensions, to ensure they are long lasting, and kept in wonderful condition. Because of the application method of the extensions, it’s imperative that you use a special brush, to ensure that the extensions aren’t pulled out, or matted.

When your natural hair begins to grow out, you’ll need to come in to have the extensions specially removed. It’s important that you not wait too long between appointments, because the natural hair can matte if it gets too long. The keratin bonds are easily removed with a solution formulated to break down the keratin proteins, the bonds are then crushed with a unique tool that turns the protein bonds into sand, the extensions then slide right out of the hair.

When the extensions are first applied, your head might be a little sore, as you’re not used to having bonds attached to the scalp, after you adjust to them, it’ll be as though they’re not even there. Make sure you’re sleeping with your hair in a braid or loose ponytail at night so that your hair doesn’t knot or tangle while you’re getting that beauty sleep.

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